Mother-Daughter Book Club

Mother-Daughter Book Club is geared towards girls ages 8-12 and their mothers. Join us each month for a fun discussion about these kid-friendly books, a fun craft or activity, and a treat! 


Welcome back to another fun year of Mother-Daughter Book Club! Here is the schedule for this year (we will meet at 4:30 P.M. in the library community room on the dates listed below):

  • Sept. 
  • Oct. 
  • Nov. 
  • Dec. 
  • Jan.
  • Feb. 
  • Mar. 
  • Apr. 
  • May 

Can’t wait to see you all!


Mother-Daughter Book Club Volunteers

Book Club Coordinator – This position will last for one school year. The Coordinator will be expected to attend all Mother-Daughter Book Club meetings. (If you are unable to attend, please provide a substitute to attend in your place.) Coordinator will encourage those attending the current meeting to sign up to lead the book discussion, provide a treat, or teach the craft for the next book discussion (library staff will make sure sign ups and handouts of craft/treat ideas are available before the meeting). Coordinator will remind those who have signed up of their assignment a few days before the meeting and offer assistance if needed.

Book Discussion Leader – This position will change from month to month. As discussion leader, you will be provided with a list of discussion questions to ask at the Book Club meeting. It is hoped that you will have read the entire book so that discussions will be fruitful. Feel free to ask other questions that occur to you as you read the book (you are by no means limited to the questions on the page).

Treat Coordinator– This position will change from month to month. With some books, ideas for treats will be provided. Other books don’t have suggestions within the packet for Mother-Daughter Book Club. You do not need to stick with a suggested treat, if you don’t want to. Please try to make the treat tie in with the book somehow. (For example, in Sugar and Ice, the main character’s family tapped trees for maple syrup and ran a pancake restaurant; therefore, pancakes might be a great treat for this book.)

Craft Coordinator – This position will change from month to month. Most Mother-Daughter Book Club packets come with suggestions for crafts (and only once was the craft idea something that I didn’t want to try to attempt). You are by no means tied to the suggested craft. If you have a better idea, let’s do it! As with the treat, though, let’s tie it in with the book. If you purchase supplies, please bring a receipt for those supplies and the library will reimburse you.

Thank you so much for volunteering! We really couldn’t make Mother-Daughter Book Club a success without you!